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The method is very simple, white nail polish or light nail polish base, then paste stickers with green plants, you can also let the manicurist draw some patterns. nail central The nails are springing a lot Select the light gold nail polish with pearlescent brush as shown on the nail, leave a space of about 0.5CM, pay attention to the uniform when applying, try to be flat.Shake the nail polish bottle first, so that the nail polish is thick and moderate, and apply a proper amount of nail polish with a nail polisher. nail central Be careful not to take too much, so it will be difficult to master when applying, and taking too much nail polish at one time will make the colored nails look thick and not good. nail central Teach everyone a little trick, lift the nail polish brush, and take the nail polish into the bottle.Before applying nail polish, we need to treat the nails of the nails and do not apply the nail polish to the skin. nail central Because if the nail polish is applied to the pericarp, the nail polish will flow into the gap between the finger and the nail, and the nail polish will be peeled off from this position.After the nail polish is completely dry, gently peel off the white paper and apply a layer of top coat try Sally Hansen Sally Han nails anti-drying varnish to protect the entire nail, and you’re done! We introduce the most basic tutorials, you may wish to use your imagination, DIY more personalized half-moon nail art, remember to share with us. The pattern of the snowflake is also exquisite, and the quiet and elegant painter can feel the meticulousness of the manicurist in minutes. Compared with the previous blingbling, it is more elegant, pure transparent bottom and white snowflake. In fact, when I saw this manicure, I thought that Barbie imagined Princess Princess, nail central who wore a long white dress and danced. The second red-opening manicure is a bit more complicated, but it is also more visually pleasing. Not only the red bottom but the red white is gradual in a ratio of 3:1, and then white snowflakes are added, which is very rich in design and visual score: perfect score! Many people like nails to accompany their clothes, and they have a lot of tricks. They can do a good job of nail art. It’s not beautiful after a long day. It’s my nails not done enough carefully? Actually it is not, but the merits before your nails are not in place. Here are eight small tips to make your nails last longer. Before applying nail polish, we must keep the nail surface clean and completely remove the oil and moisture from the nail. Because if the nails contain oil and moisture, it is not easy to fit the nails when it is on the nail polish. This is one of the reasons why the nails are easily peeled off. When spring is here, the girls who love beauty not only put on new clothes and new makeup, but also need a manicure to make their own mood. Today, Xiaobian wants to teach everyone a lady’s sweet wind manicure, luxurious gold with a cute three-dimensional bow, nail central quite eye-catching. In order to increase the scintillation and overall feeling of the entire nail, choose a nail polish brush with a transparent gold glitter on the area of ​​the pink nail polish, and wait for it to dry out. When you are doing nails, bring it to a manicurist and let the manicurist stick the succulent plant to your hand. It is absolutely environmentally friendly and full of life Every weekend just after the weekend, the body will always be particularly tired, what is the most annoying thing on Monday! Let Gudetama lazy egg manicure, which is so cute and outgoing, heal the tired heart after the weekend carnival, and accompany you to the new week’s work!