There’s one more part to this equation before you can rush out and buy the memory your computer needs for an upgrade. openvms You may have come across this already if you’ve been reading your computer’s manual, but if you haven’t, you must get this information before you make any purchases. openvms Understand what kind of memory your computer needs. Some machines have SDRAM. Others have DDR. Older machines have EDO or FPM. In order to determine what type of memory your machine currently has, you’ll need to either consult your computer’s manual, the manufacturer’s web site or you can scan your computer with one of those free scanners. openvms Once you’ve made your purchase, it is time to install it into the computer. Turn your machine off, and be sure it is unplugged. Take the case off. Find the memory slots. openvms If you are taking out your old memory, press the ejector clips, and the stick will pop out. You’re ready to put your new memory sticks in, and you can do this by finding the notch on the module’s pin-side. openvms They’ll line up with the socket for the memory, put it in, and press firmly. The ejector clips will lock in around your new memory stick. openvms Turn your computer back on, and you should be ready for a faster computing experience. There are a few choices available to watch TV on laptop or desktop computer systems. You’d often have to install a few type of satellite TV software into your desktop or laptop computer system. It’s always a good idea to read the reviews on any software that you are interested in purchasing on-line. Get advice on pricing, functions, channel availablility and more. Another option is to have a TV Card installed into your computer. This option may cost you up to $200.00 just for the hardware. This does not include installing the hardware. It’s not a good idea to try to install it yourself if you don’t know what you might be doing. You can end up damaging your computer and that may cost you hundreds of dollars for repair. Out of the two choices above, the best way to go is to install one of the high-end TV software programs. It is a lot cheaper than the TV Card. The average software program would cost you less than $50.00 and it’s very simple to install into your desktop or laptop computer system. You’ll be able to download it in just a few minutes and be ready to go. Whereas purchasing new hardware for your computer may cost over $200.00 before it’s installed into your system. As the economy continues to worry both consumers and businesses alike, there has never been a better time to establish a toll free phone number for your company. Having a toll free phone number for your business can often make or break the decision of the customer to contact you first. Having to dial a phone number that adds charges to a consumer phone bill may be a turn off for callers. Customers may make decisions about who to contact for new products or services based solely on the phone number they see advertised online or in print. Toll free numbers are a great marketing tool that can be used in all kinds of advertising avenues. Companies will often use their toll free phone numbers as part of their company jingle, to help increase the chance that customers will remember to call them first. For instance, one commercial that immediately comes to mind is for the car insurance company, Safe Auto. Their commercial encourages people to call1 800 SAFE AUTO with a catchy little song. As people later are in need of a car insurance quote, the jingle will likely spring to mind, leading customers to call that toll free number they remember first.