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When you are in Singapore, chinese lesson Singapore you can expect or even demand; fully functioning seat belts both at the front and back passenger seats. In other parts of the region, chinese lesson Singapore you may find that seat belts have been removed, on purpose, because they get in the way. Whilst most westerners find Asian food especially South Asian, chinese lesson Singapore or South East Asian food, quite spicy, this is not necessarily an issue when traveling with the younger ones. Most hotels and restaurants will prepare food for the little ones separately, without the spices. Also, if in doubt, plain noodles, chinese lesson Singapore or plain rice with some vegetables on the side is always readily available as a good stop gap ration. In China, Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia, to name a few countries, chinese lesson Singapore you can expect that your soups and sauces will contain MSG by default. Many parents who live and travel in Asia complain that excessive MSG causes dehydration, lethargy, and mood swings with some younger children and many adults are also found to be sensitive to excessive MSG. chinese lesson Singapore If concerned, request for your food to be prepared without any MSG, or choose MSG-free restaurants, increasingly available across the region. However, it is good practice to always carry your own tissues, and wet wipes with you when traveling in Asia. Also, to address this problem, in many Asian cities, you can also find special antiseptic wet-wipes, which are very handy when dealing with some of the lesser public conveniences. This is true for even larger malls, and good quality restaurants in hygiene conscious Singapore. So, the old trick of, grabbing an unwanted cup of coffee or a drink at a restaurant, just to be able to use the facilities is not always a solution in Asia. If your children are under four or five years old, and/or blonde or with naturally curly hair, expect to be approached in parts of Asia by total strangers wanting to take photos of your child! You will typically be approached by Japanese, Korean, and Chinese ladies, who will want to pose with your child, and take each other’s photos. However, there seems to be no age or gender limit to this interest, over the years, our little ones have been photographed by business people in suits, restaurant chefs, and the odd octogenarian in small villages. My advice is, make the most of this, and allow your children to interact with the local population, be it your villa team at your rental Bali villa, or a chef in a Chinese restaurant, or the old lady selling flower garlands outside a temple in Thailand! Joanna M Lawson is an independent travel writer based in SE Asia. Ms Lawsons’ articles about Bali Villas and Bali Rental Villas can be found at, Bali Villas Tips. To reuse this article you are required to link to the site above. Self-drive tour has become popular among people who have their own cars nowadays. It originates from the United States. American young people are not willing to be in harness. They pursue independence and freedom. Self-drive tour can meet their needs. During self-drive tour, a good road sense is necessary. It is also important that you are familiar with the complicated transportation where you travel. However, in a strange city, it is unavoidable and difficult to ask for directions. A car GPS navigator can help you solve this problem. Car GPS navigator is a fashionable and practical equipment of cars. However, most of them are expensive. For example, Sony GPS costs at least 600 dollars. The expensive ones can be more than 4000 dollars! Where can you find car GPS navigators at a reasonable price? Just go to made in china. You can see many kinds of Chinese car GPS navigators filling at the price there. My favorite one is the car GPS made by Shanghai Weizheng Industrial Corporation. As you can see in the picture, its black exterior is cool.