Random Access Memory is the part of the computer that stores information the computer needs while it is operating. openvms It is Random Access because the computer can get the data in any order, not necessarily the order in which it is stored. Generally speaking, the more RAM the better. 512 to 1024 megabytes is common for memory. openvms It holds the computer operating system. openvms An operating system like Windows uses around 4 gigabytes of hard drive space. The extra space is used to install computer programs and to store your personal data. openvms So there you have it. The basic computer needs just 7 major components. For the best performance, these components must integrate well. The motherboard is the most important component for determining the type and specification of the other parts. openvms Choosing an appropriate mobo for your computer needs is the first step and may require a quick call to your local geek. Computers are used to make our tasks easier and perform them in short span of time. openvms However, if your computer starts working slow, then there is no major significance of having it and using it to carry out various tasks. Many people get frustrated with the slow performance of their PC and end up spending money by upgrading memory or even sometimes by purchasing a new computer to get rid of slow performance. However, you cannot do it every time your PC becomes slow. You should look for a more efficient solution. Remove all the temporary files stored in your computer system. The temporary files are voracious eaters of system memory. So, the best practice to improve the system performance is to regularly delete the temporary files from the computer. Update Windows by turning on the automatic update feature when connected to Internet. Registry is a central database of any computer which maintains a record of the activities and stores them in the form of registry entries like when you install any software application on your PC then an entry is made in the registry about the installation of the software. So, check for any registry error. Kevin Smith is a computer specialist at iYogi that offers 24/7/365 remotePC repair via phone, chat and e-mail and fix whatever tricky problems you are facing. You can choose from a variety of friendly and affordable plans that the company offers. The company’s Microsoft Certified Technicians helps in slow computer fix over the Internet while you sit back and relax. Meditation can be a fine approach to help your entire body to loosen up. With the help of meditation and usage of breathing exercises your whole body will soon begin to feel the anxiety being relieved. Connection between pressure and memory loss has long since been scientifically proven. So the more you are relaxed the better will your brain and memory operate. When you begin to recognize that this is happening to you it will just pile up yet more pressure on your mind. This is an particularly strenuous situation which you will have a extremely difficult time getting out off. But, by means of meditation practice which a lot of us are using successfully for years, you can unravel your memory and just let all this tension out. This is going to make it possible for your brain and memory to work much faster. A lot of people think of a meditation as a demanding and somewhat enigmatic practice. Meditation has many very uncomplicated exercises that just about anyone of us can set aside a couple of minutes every day to assist you enhance memory. Try to find a small peaceful part of your home to meditate. You can also use scented candles and essential oils to improve the mood. There are various ways in which you can start meditating or learning to meditate. You can enroll in a seminar, many of those are easy to locate. If you are not aware of any meditation class nearby just go online and look for ‘meditation+where you live.