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Also during that era, Japan launched Airsoft guns that gradually replaced the Automatic Electric Guns and at the same time new gun models were also introduced. nail salon hong kong The different companies manufacturing these guns have come out with region specific guns, for instance, nail salon hong kong Daisy came up with PowerStrike brand especially for the US market. This trend of the increasing gaming enthusiasts is increasing steadily. nail salon hong kong The law may be strict by the passion cannot be suppressed. There are various ways out. The Airsoft is a small example. They should be cared for with respect but not in such a different way as to how you would care for your normal nails. nail salon hong kong There are a few things that you need to watch out for. One is that you should try not to keep them in water for long periods of time, to avoid this you could use rubber gloves for washing dishes or your hair. nail salon hong kong Both jobs can now be done in the comfort of your own home. A kit can be purchased from a chemist or drugstore complete with instructions on application and removal. I would say though that it is not as easy as it may seem! Practice makes perfect. nail salon hong kong Lifting is often a problem with acrylic nails. This is when the acrylic nail begins to come apart from the natural nail. This can occur because of a few reasons, but the main one is that improper nail preparation was carried out. Nail preparation is very important before applying any type of nail extension. This may make the acrylic nails look wonderful, but you must remember that when it comes to the time that the nails come off that they will be taking off the top layer of your natural nail with them. Make sure that your nails are treated with utmost care and products that will not harm your natural nail or nail bed. The maintenance that is needed on the nails is recommended every two weeks and takes approximately 20 minutes. Removal of acrylic nails takes approximately 30 minutes. What is more, they can be applied yourself at home and, provided you select the right size and do something creative to eliminate the plastic look, they can appear entirely natural and convincing. False nails can be applied professionally in the salon, or you can apply them at home using widely-available nail enhancement kits. They come with their own adhesive and are easily cut and shaped to the style you want. It’s recommended that you don’t wear artificial nails for more than a few weeks at a time – say a month maximum. Then remove them and give your natural nails a chance to breathe and refresh their growth. To remove artificial nails, soak them in a non-acetone polish remover until they start to disolve and come away. It’s very imporgant to avoid acetone and other chemicals with an acetone-base. They will damage the surface of the nail, affecting the shine and also thin and weaken the nail plate. Following the simple steps and guidelines given here, wearing artificial nails will be not only a simple and trouble-free process but also a delight to behold! When it comes to hairstyling, let Jon’ Ric Salon and Spa creat the new look for you! Fashion world is changing everyday providing room for new innovative haircuts and hair styles. Long hair is out of fashion now and you can create new trendy styles with short hair. Short hair is popular, as they can be maintained easier too. Short hair styles can suit different types of faces and they can be cut with different variations for suiting different faces. The inequalities in the face can be nullified by making different hair cuts. With small variations with short hair, you can create many styles. For all types of faces, short hair looks beautiful. Short hair also makes your hair look voluminous. The Bob haircut is still in fashion and women who have oval faces should cut angular bobs. This will help them hide the large and elongated forehead.