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Whether you are buying or selling a property, choosing a real estate agent might be the most important decision you make. japan property agency Good real estate agents can save you a substantial amount of time and money and can also ensure that the buying or selling process is an enjoyable and memorable experience. Here are some tips for choosing a real estate agent. There is an array of agents that will kill for your business. That is why you should interview as many agents as you can. Compare agents with regard to their knowledge of the area, experience and qualifications. japan property agency Also, ask for references from previous clients. While interviewing different agents you will be able to establish their level of customer care or how far they are willing to go to satisfy the customer. japan property agency Look at things like their attitude towards returning phone calls and their willingness to meet with you. If you will not be able to view properties during office hours, you need to find an agent that is willing to do business after hours or over weekends. It will be a bonus if you can find an agent that can handle the buying/selling process as well as other additional services like arranging property inspections or who can refer you to a trustworthy real estate attorney. japan property agency Ask agents where your property will be advertised. Make sure that the agency uses print advertising (newspaper/magazines) as well as other promotional material such as brochures. Also check if the agency makes use of the Internet for advertising their listings. You level of comfort and satisfaction will let you know if you ve met the right agent. Visit for more information on these areas. japan property agency Now its more important than ever to pay attention, and to do the following things in order to secure a quick sale. Start with the front garden and the front facing exterior of the property, then the back garden, and finally the interior on a room by room basis, once your property is in its most presentable condition, (this should take you a couple of days at most – do not delay unnecessarily) get in contact with a number of estate agents to discuss a realistic sale figure. japan property agency It is important that you speak with more than one agent to get a true feel for what is both an achieveable and fair price for your property, your next step is to select an agent. The things to consider here are how do they intend to market your property, how do their sale fees compare, who do you think is most likely to achieve a sale, who has the greatest experience or results in terms of sales, what have they sold in your area in the last year, If you really need to sell your property fast, consider contacting the various property buying companies that can either be found online or in your local newspaper. The typically pay less than the market value of your property, but normally complete sales reasonably quicker and aren’t in a chain, Relax and remember that it will all work out just fine. It always does! The first Japanese baseball club, the Shinbashi Athletic Club Athletics, was organized in 1878 by a former U.S. student who was a fan of the Boston Red Sox. By 1896, the skill of the still amateur players was demonstrated during the first international baseball game played between Ichiko team from Tokyo’s First High School and an American team organized at the Yokohama Country and Athletic Club. During the years between 1903 and 1934, amateur baseball in Japan was wildly popular. University teams were vying with each other in the Sokeisen, between Waseda University and Keio University; and at the Summer Koshien or National High School Baseball Championship as well. The tournament is named after Koshien Stadium which was built in 1922 and is the oldest of the Japanese stadiums. The stadium seats 55,000 people and still has grass, unlike most other stadiums in the country which have astro-turf.