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As a group travel planner,Taiwan Taipei hotel one will need to carry out a good amount of research on how to have good group hotel rates when the group travels. Group hotels accept booking for ten or more apartments as group booking. Below this number, one is not likely to get real discounts on his booking. It normally equates to minimum size of twenty individuals taking twintwo single beds, or doubleone double bed rooms. One can cram his group into triple and quad rooms, but they are mostly intended for individuals and he will find that third and fourth bed are pull-out beds or sofa.Group hotels can have certain weeks or weekends that have not yet been filled for some reasons. One can try inquiring if there is another date so that they can give him best ratesTaiwan Taipei hotel. There may be some hushed weekends when hotel management would agree on lessening the group hotel rates to fill-up the hotel. There are so many websites on the internet that enable one to do it all automatically by permitting different hotels to facilitate him with quotes for quiet periods.The group hotel rates that one gets are basically governed by demand and supply. If one is organizing trip to a place when festive season is on, he will find it hard to get discounted rates. All group hotels can fill their rooms easily twice over, as a result of which they may go with charging almost whatever they wish, even for low-quality accommodation. So, if the timing of trip is not so important, one should first try and reserve on peak dates. This way, he will be better able to get across excellent quotes.If one is giving huge business to group hotelsTaiwan Taipei hotel, he can definitely have good bargaining over rates. If one has annual trips with his group, he could attempt to reside in same hotel every year so they know he is giving them repeated business. Moreover, organizing many trips with many groups will also aid one to bargain better prices with a group hotel. That is why one can sometimes obtain better prices going through professional group planner.Most websites are meant to book lodging for single travelers, families or smaller friends’ group. So, one has to be really watchful concerning how many rooms actually are available and whether the hotel meets his needs. On some websites, they can sometimes also reduce room’s prices to below the actual rate as their profit for allocation has been met alreadyTaiwan Taipei hotel, and now they just want to get rid of rooms. One should not hesitate to consult with group travel hotels directly. Hotels normally will give one the best rate they can provide; in fact they will give the rates that they wish to sell at, though these rates can be dropped back to certain point. One should keep bargaining until he thinks he has reached the point. One can also choose to get quotes from different group hotels and then decide on the basis of price and facilities.If you are not feeling quite so bold in terms of leaving it until the last minuteTaiwan Taipei hotel, you can phone the hotel a few days in advance. Whilst you may not get the total bargains, you are still in a good position to negotiate, particularly if you are traveling out of season. If you are targeting a specific hotel, check out their cancellation policy. For example, if a specific hotel requires at least 3 days notice to not charge for a cancellation, then this is the point where they are most likely to receive the most cancellationsTaiwan Taipei hotel. Hotels will then be eager to fill these spaces. Negotiations over extra free nights or discounts will generally only work with smaller regional hotels, as the larger chains have a central system and they will not normally negotiate directly with a guest. Bear this in mind when you are selecting your targets!