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Onychophagia nail salon hong kong, generally known as nail biting is a very common problem. This is a compulsive disorder, occurring to nearly half the population of the earth and it is frequent amongst children and teenagers. It has variety of root causes and the best way to cure this is by finding the reasons responsible for it. Once you know the cause for biting finger nails, you can choose from various available solutions, like application of bitter tasting stuff, hypnosis therapy, nail painting etc. Generally, biting fingernails indicates an oral fixation nail salon hong kong; work or home stress, recently quit smoking are some of the primary examples. Application of bitter tasting substance/ nail- paint – The most popular and easy way to stop this habit is by applying bitter tasting stuff or nail polish on your fingernails. This liquid stuff for nails is widely available and when you nibble your nails or cuticles after applying them, it tastes very bitter, discouraging a person from biting their nails again. Some people bite fingernails only when they grow long, while others not only bite fingernails but also nibble dead skin around the cuticles. The first step towards solving this problem is trimming of nails and cuticles, as one will have less skin or nails to nibble at. Chewed nails not only look filthy and less groomed, but also give a very bad impression of one’s personality nail salon hong kong. Such nails can easily shame you on a business appointment, job interview or meeting with a new client. Chewing nails can also lead to dental problems like gingival injury and malocclusion of front teeth. Biting of nails, results in improper removal of nails, which sometimes leads to viral or microbial infection or even stomach problems in severe cases. Following are some methods to cater nail biting problem- nail salon hong kong Manicure and Nail Painting – Another popular way to stop nail biting is by painting them. Expensive manicures and nail paints dishearten people from biting their nails. One must apply a bright and flashy nail spread to make this work more effectively. Natural Remedies – Few substances, easily available in your back yard garden and the kitchen can help anyone curb this habit. Applying Aloe Vera solution that tastes bitter can certainly make you think twice before biting nails. Hot sauces like Tabasco, if applied on nails will give a very stirring experience on biting nails and will be a never forgetting incident. These remedies may sound funny but can support extensively in tackling nail biting issue. Different people have acrylic nails applied for different reasons. One of the reasons to have acrylic nails is to help prevent the want to bite the natural nail. It is so hard to stop biting nails if you are in the habit nail salon hong kong, so having acrylic nails would help to prevent this as they are so strong and almost impossible to chew. Lifting is often a problem with acrylic nails. This is when the acrylic nail begins to come apart from the natural nail. This can occur because of a few reasons, but the main one is that improper nail preparation was carried out. Nail preparation is very important before applying any type of nail extension. The nail has to be cleaned, cuticle removed, dehydrated and any primer added depended on the artificial nail system being used nail salon hong kong. Not taking the time and effort over the nail preparation can lead to lifting and peeling of the nails in the future. Having acrylic nails can be rather expensive in a salon and also it costs to have them removed. Both jobs can now be done in the comfort of your own home. A kit can be purchased from a chemist or drugstore complete with instructions on application and removal. I would say though that it is not as easy as it may seem! Practice makes perfect. A full set of acrylic nails take approximately 1 or 2 hours to be applied, depending on the technician applying them and the system you are having.