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The second part of the therapy teaches the nail biter to become aware of this unconscious habit. Post-hypnotic suggestions can be given to the subconscious mind to make the consciousness nail salon central aware that you are about to bite your nails. Then you get to consciously decide whether or not you are actually going to bite them. The third part of the hypnotherapy is to eliminate the compulsion to bite. There are NLP methods that actually program the client with a compulsion to reject biting his/her nails. With the biting behavior, being realistic is very important. First off, you have probably rehearsed the unwanted behavior nail salon central hundreds or even thousands of times. You will need to accept that the behavior of biting your nails will not be overcome in a few days. DO apply varnish remover before applying nail polish. This removes any grease on the surface of the nail and gives extra life to the nail polish, so make sure you do this regardless of whether there is old polish on your nails or not. DO use a good quality buffer preferably once a week, no more than twice a week. Be sure not to buff too vigorously and not for too long to avoid damaging the nail. Just a brief gentle buff before applying nail polish can help prevent the polish from peeling due to a rough nail salon central or uneven surface on the nail. DO wear protective gloves when doing any work that requires the hands to be submerged in water or come in contact with chemicals. Preferably use gloves with a cotton lining so they remain dry inside. Fungus loves a moist environment. DON’T file backwards and forwards as this can cause splits in the nails which become even worse if water penetrates after hand washing. Rather use a gentle one way stroking action with the file along with a little patience. DON’T use varnish remover and reapply nail polish more than once or twice a week. Preferably select a varnish remover that contains moisturizers to avoid the nails drying out. After a nail care session, conduct a little test. To see how smooth your nails really are run them down an old pair of tights or pantyhose. Any snags will help you locate the nail that needs further attention. nail salon central Keep a pack of hand lotion or cream near the kitchen sink and use it each time after washing your hands. Apply oil to your nails whenever possible inorder to strengthen them. Keep your manicure set clean inorder to prevent any infection. Prolonged exposure to the sun is not good for nails and a lot of swimming will dry them. This can be encountered by keeping the nails and cuticles well moisturised. To keep nail polish intact in the bath, smoothen a little skin cream on it before going for a bath. If nails are brittle and break or split easily, keep them oiled. Nail- Length Decision. As regards the nail-length, not everyone can manage long nail. nail salon central If we do a lot of typing or housework , play the guitar or are a sports freak, long nail are not for us. File rather than cut as cutting weaken the nail and cause it to flake. File in one direction only from sides to centre, using the softer side of an emery board, not a metal file. Aim for a rounded tip: the shape at the tip should reflect the shape at the base to make a perfect oval. The shape of your nails can have an affect on your self-esteem, believe it or not. In fact, when you look at your nails you can tell whether or not they are healthy. One way to know if your nails are healthy is whether or not they break easily or not. More importantly, healthy nails do not appear to have any type of yellow or green discoloration in any way. nail salon central  If your nails appear this way it could be a sign that something else is not right with your body, or a symptom of another condition such as chronic bronchitis or lymphedema (swelling of the hands).