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Are your nails, brittle, thick, yellow and crusty? Isn’t this so embarrassing when you wear open toed shoes? Especially, if you are a nail salon central self conscious person. It seems like everyone is always looking at your toe nails and shaking their heads. This, of course, might only be in your mind. Not every one is looking! Maybe only a few people… occasionally. Left untreated, this condition can cause major deterioration, loss of your nail and damage to your nail bed. Nail polish might cover it up for a while, but eventually you may end up loosing the nail altogether. What might have started of a just a cute yellow of white spec on the toe or finger nail has now spread and to cover the whole nail. Maybe even to other nails.Personally, I contracted fungus in my toe nail two years in a row and by the same means, would you believe. You would think that I would have learned. Actually, I had forgotten about the first incident, when it happened the second time.These funguses seem to thrive in wet, moist, warm and unsanitary conditions. It was summer both times when I got it. Also, nail salon centralit was exactly the same way both times and it was in the exact same toe nail. Maynail salon centralbe this toe nail didn’t resist.Here is what happened. I had gotten one of those above ground pools for my kids to play in. It was mid summer of course. We set it up in the back yard on the lawn. Of course the kids had lots of fun splashing around all summer. Whenever they splashed enough o f the water out of the pool, they would take the hose and fill it up again. This went on for weeks. In the main time, the ground around and under this pool had become saturated, the grass had turn yellow, then brown and eventually died. Two weeks before school reopened, the pool was left abandoned. No more splashing in the pool. The kids were trying to clear up all of the sun burns.One evening, I decided it was time to discard the pool, since it had not been used for about 2 weeks. The water had become stale and stagnant, with nail salon centralleaves and bugs in it. I went out back with a pair of gloves on my hands and a pair of open toed slippers on my feet. I reached into the pool to unplug it and let the water out. As the water flowed out, I became impatient because it was taking too long. So I got a knife and plunged a hole into the side and begin to rip it open. At that point, all of the dirty, stale water began gushing out. I could not get out of the way fast enough. I was standing in it, up to my ankles. Well…, I decided, I’m already in it, might as well finish the job. I leaned over and grabbed one side of the pool and lifted it up, so that all of the water could flow out on nail salon central the nail salon centralopposite end, not realizing at this point that I had moved forward and not only was I standing in the dirty water. I was also in the mud and muck that was under the pool. Once all of the water was out of the plastic pool, I rolled it up and discarded it.Immediately after, I went inside and began washing my feet. I soaked my feet in warm water for about ten minutes. In the back of my mind I knew that something was wrong. Of course, I dared not say this out loud because I was hoping for the best.I think that it was about a week and a half later, when I noticed a little white spot on one of my toe nails. I knew right away that I had contracted a fungus in the toe nail. I ignored it for a few more weeks, but I noticed that it was spreading. As time went by, it kept getting bigger and bigger. I couldn’t just ignore it anymore. Some thing had to be done. I showed it to a friend, who recommend I get an antifungal medication right away. So that’s exactly what I did.After a few applications, I noticed that the fungi stopped spreading and my infected toe nail began to grow out. As the old infected nail grew out, a new, healthy nail grew in. Now I am proud to say that I am fungi free.If you suffer from fungi nails, do something about it today. The cure is only one click away. Have gorgeous, healthy nails in about one month. Now you can be confident and proud to show your nails again.