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A Brief History Of The Rise Of Baseball In Japan Author : Grant Eckert Submitted : japan hotel28-03-29 ::    Word Count : 734    Popularity:   30 Tags:   Sports, Leisure Activities, Baseball, History of Baseball, Baseball in Japan    Author RSS FeedSometime between japan hotel1867 and 1873, an American professor, Horace Williams, at what is now Tokyo University, is credited with introducing baseball to the country of Japan. Williams came to japan hotelJapan to teach English and American History, but his sports interest is what has impacted Japan the most. Fellow American Albert Bates, teaching at Kaitaku University, organized the first baseball game in Japan. The first Japanese baseball club, the Shinbashi Athletic Club Athletics, was organized in 1878 by a former U.S. student who was a fan of japan hotelthe Boston Red Sox. By 1896, the skill of the still amateur players was japan hoteldemonstrated during the first international baseball game played between Ichiko team from Tokyo’s First High School and an American team organized at the Yokohama Country and Athletic Club. The Japanese had challenged the Americans to the game and japan hotelwere not taken seriously. The American spectators jeered and booed the Japanese at the thought that they could beat Americans at their ‘national pastime.’ The Japanese team soundly defeated the Americans. During the years between 1903 and 1934, amateur baseball in Japan was wildly popular. University teams were vying with each japan hotelother in the Sokeisen, between Waseda University and Keio University; and at the Summer Koshien or National High School Baseball Championship as well. The National High School Baseball Invitational Tournament or Spring Koshien began in 1924. Many senior high schoolsnts. The current highest Japanese professional competition is Nippon Professional Baseball, created in 1949 consists of four leagues. The year 25 marked the foundation of the Shikoku Island League. Japan fielded a franchise known as the Tokyo Dragons as part of the now defunct Global League in 1969. An effective minor league in Japan is formed by corporate sponsorship of employee teams that play in local leagues and for a national championship. There was a professional women’s baseball league as well. Beginning in 1952, the women抯 teams took part in semiprofessional leagues until early in the 1970s. The Japan Women’s National Team took silver medals at the Women’s Baseball World Cup in both appearances. Japanese youngsters in the Little League World Series have won five of the championships and have placed second three times. As of 27, the Japanese championship team will not be required to win an Asian regional competition, but will proceed directly to the Little League World Series. The Big Six University League was the organizational structure for baseball in Japan from the 19’s through the 1930s. Now, at the university level, the All-Japan University Championship is an annual competition for school teams. In the search for stronger compeloors from where the whole entire city and natural ambiance can be viewed from its roof gardens. If you love to take photographs, this is the perfect place where roof garden and natural backdrop of hills prevail in the background.During your stay in Hotel Atlante of Rome, you can stroll around the garden and experience the serenity and tranquility of natural ambiance. You japan hotelwill never going to forget the hospitality and warm welcome greeted by the staff of this grand hotel. Moreover, rooms are having the facilities with first class accommodation. And further the rooms have been completely renovated, and due to the wall tapestries, elegant furniture and interior decoration, they boast a personal and cozy ambiance.Author’s Resource Box Looking for Rome Hotels Italy? We have best hotel room rates for Hotel Atlante Garden Rome and Hotel Comfort Inn Rome.Article Source:www.1ArticleWorld.com to offer strategies and sohttp://japantraveleronline.com/