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Being A Wise Patriot Author : ellie susan Submitted : chinese writing class-05-09 00:00:00    Word Count : chinese writing classchinese writing class496    Popularity:   26 Tags:    boycott Carrefour home made chinese writing classgoods    Author RSS FeedAntagonistic Feelings against France Are GrowingIn order to protest against France who attempted to politicize the  Beijing Olympic Games by impeding the torch relay in Paris and even financing the brutal chinese writing classTibet insurrectionists who had killed thousands of innocent Tibetans, chinese writing classChinese people all over the world have stuck together and decided spontaneously to launch a boycott of French goods, chinese writing classnamely a support to things made-in-china. One of the hottest resisting plans talked most frequently those days is to boycotting the internationally famous retailer, chinese writing classthe French hypermarket Carrefour. Being a sober-minded patriotIt stands to reason that Chinese people will resent and rebel against the inaccurate reports of the western media as well as their malicious intentions to support Dalai Lama so as to split China, especially when we are actually the victims worthy of sympathy, consolation and support. Whatever small power and influence it might bring about, boycotting French enterprises like Carrefour, as some Chinese people expected, is the most immediate and effective way that every single Chinese people could do to support the home made goods chinese writing classand resist the foreign products. Indeed, the national resentment and anger with a sense of being insulted might, to some extent be vented through this way. It is self evident that as a citizen of a sovereign country, every Chinese should contribute himself /herself if necessary to safeguarding and maintaining China抯 unity and dignity.However, we have overlooked the fact that to boycott trading is not a wise decision at all because it might lead to a worse trading relationship with foreign buyers. But China chinese writing classneeds to maintain a steady relationship with foreign importers so as to keep the sensitive domestic economy stable, especially when the domestic food prices are increasing rapidly. As a matter of fact, China will benefit nothing from this seemingly patriotic campaign against the French hypermarket in view that most of the goods sold in Carrefour are domestic products and if we insist on launching the boycott, Chinese suppliers are the most likely to suffer huge financial losses. Besides, the majority workers in Carrefour are Chinese who barely make a living by those career opportunities Carrefour offered them. If Carrefour is boycotted, those Chinese employees will be out of work. What is worse, some ill-disposed nations may probably take advantage of our excessive enthusiasm and impulsive patriotism which do not bring China more sympathy than misunderstanding from the whole world. Only if Chinese people take a comprehensive approach to the issue and always keep cool to deal with the predicament rationally, will it be able to fulfill a successful counterattack.Why not change the idea from boycotting foreign goods to supporting products made in china? is such an excellent terrace for popularizing home made goods. Express patriotism calmly and soberly is much more an effective way to uphold national unity and dignity than to act impulsively or we are the one that will finally be routed.Bendigo S Chinese History Author : Charlotte Giles Submitted : -02-04 07:01:04    Word Count : 533    Popularity:   21 Tags: Author chinese writing classRSS chinese writing classFeedThe gold rush of the 1850s saw many thousands of Chinese arrive in Bendigo. Within ten years the Chinese miners and merchants made up 20 of the Bendigo population.In the 1870s an impressive imperial dragon known as Loong was sent chinese writing classfrom China. He is now the oldest Chinese dragon in the world and is the highlight of chinese writing classAustralia’s oldest event; the Bendigo Easter Festival. While most of the Chinese gold miners returned home when the alluvial goldfields declined, a small population remained to form the Bendigo Chinese community which has continued to influence the city.A traditional Chinese Joss House is a reminder of the rich chinese writing classChinese heritage in Bendigo. It was constructed of timber and hand made bricks during the 1860s by the local Chinese, who were plentiful on the goldfields around Bendigo. The Joss House wao Public Library in Hargreaves Street And assistance chinese writing classis available to family historians.Author’s Resource Box Charlotte Giles is a travel writer for last minute accommodation site – LastBeds. Charlotte is currently touring South Australia in search of great beaches and cheap hotel accommodation.Article