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emphasizing the sustainability of interior design and coordinated and healthy singapore interior design environment.  employment prospects < p > the course aims to develop future to engage in the business (such as: Hotelal institutions, the workplace, professional interior designer. Students with excellent academic performance and intended to pursue further studies can continue to study for a year singapore interior design after completing a 3 year degree programme. < p > in addition to the above professional engaged in design work, designer career has increasingly become a career across multiple domains, interior designers can with singapore interior design architects, landscape designers, industrial desigchnology. In 1990, the school and the Kuring-gai Institute of higher education, design school, technology and Adult Education Research Institute merged into the current singapore interior design University of Technology Sydney. UTS is one of the largest comprehensive gvative and practice oriented. The following 360 education group, Australia, the Ministry of education, University of Technology Sydney,, Bachelor of interior design Bachelor of Design in  Design Interior interior design (sheji) Bachelor  singapore interior design educational system: 4 years  tuition: 20000 Australian dollars / year  admission date: February and July  Campus: Campus City< p > entry requirements: IELTS 6.5, Sydney University of tar hotel project.  she added: “for me,” Anthology Design “is a creative and cultural scene to celebrate the flourishing of the Asian region.”  “Design Anthology” the price of HK $50 will bional Academy of the Arts in 1996 by 5 independent institute, state of the Art Institute of, National Academy of fine arts, Central Academy of drama, National School of opera, the national ballet school merger.  department set  The Oslo National Academy of the Arts under:  visual arts ART VISUAL Academy of Fine Arts OF FINE ART ACADEMY opera school OF OPERA ACADEMY School of drama OF THEATRE ACADEMY Dance Academy OF DANCE science and Technology Foundation (matriculation do not submit works); Diploma of University of technology, Sydney indoor design; or a in proof reading, a transcript, selections of works (containing 5 works, the best is a CD or DVD), PS (personal statement, professional certification: Institute of Australia International; Federation of Interior Design Design employment direction: the course is practal and challenging, graduercial interior design (sheji) work, also the students engaged in the exhibition design, exhibitions, museums, theaters, cinema and television product curriculum is widely, the school is located in Sydney, the city is prosperous, the employment opportunity is many, the development prospect is broad. However, IELTS requirement is high, the academic system 4 years, slightly longer than the general undergraduate, can be integrated family conditions and personal considerations. believe that most of the students have heard University RMIT (Melbourne Institute Technology Royal), also known as Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University”. But do you know the origin of the “Royal” university?  as early as 1887 to create the beginning, RMIT is just a vocational training institute. Because of its curriculum design to meet the needs of all sectors of singapore interior design the community for a variety of employment and fame. During World War II, RMIT played an importantT thus became the only school in Australia that has received the royal honor. In 128 years later, RMIT has become a world famous university, ranked among the top 200 famous universities in the world. />  <br   introduced the school’s history, let us look at the school’s signature singapore interior design course and some of the changes in the details of it.  </br 2016 curriculum changes include the most common business, matriculation (Studies Foundation), the architecture department (Architecture) and popular professional social work (Work Social).  1 business class < p > most popular professional should belong to business, RMIT Certificate IV (0.5yr) + Diploma 0.5yr +advanced Diploma singapore interior design 0.5yr trilogy, the three steps (1.5 years) mainly is for those in grade 12 college entrance examination did not reach ideal scores did not admitted to the students. Professional is to choose accounting and business internaime is 3 years. < p > as a popular immigration professional accounting (Accounting) with slight changes: 2016 to Advanced Diploma Course (Advanced Diploma) into a year and is no longer in the first half of the year, also is the need for 2 years time to complete singapore interior design the trilogy that undergraduate always long for 3.5 years. But studying international business (business International) professiore courses  </br 360 education group, the Australian Department of gold medal study consultant Wang Zijia teacher introduction, RMIT of the Architectural Institute of the world’s top ten Architectural Colleges, with the award of Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, >editor’s note: Merry Christmas, everybody! Do not have to get the offer’s small partners do not catch the emergency, and other British universities will be put off to deal with your application!  Christmas Eve yesterday, the students are going to play? Today, Christmas, where the small partners will go to the party?  haven’t got the right offer of the British University of you, should have no mood to go to the English Festival! Do not worry, at this stage is the British university to put a long time, although the application is not processed, but still open the application channel. < p > as China’s firs