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Author’s Resource BoxAaron Brooks is a freelance writer for interior designer singapore , the premier website to find Luxury Watches including topics on designer watch, jewelry watch, diamond watch, wrist interior designer singaporewatch with discount prices, wrist watches for Men’s, Ladies, and children, cheap wrist watches and more. He also freelances for the premier Fashion Style Article Submission Directory Site  interior designer singapore6 Tips To Save Money In Your Outsourcing Contract!   Author : Maneet Puri Submitted : 2009-06-22 01:29:23    Word Count : 608    Popularity:   26 Tags:   Outsourcing   Author RSS Feed Offshore outsourcing is a common business practice adopted by companies and organizations across the world in order to cut costs or to acquire specialized skills and professional services. The interior designer singaporeprocess involves delegating certain tasks and activities to third party service providers so that you can concentrate better on the core goals and objectives of your business.  Outsourcing, by itself is a money saving concept. However, in these grim economic times, companies are looking forward to extract the maximum savings out of their contracts and the case is no different with the interior designer singaporeoutsourcing deals. Here are some tips to cut your IT costs and save more money in your outsourcing contracts.  1. Identify Opportunities for Product Savings  One of the most important features of efficient outsourcing deals is that it requires the service providers to work along with the clients to accomplish interior designer singaporecost reduction. Work with your service provider and together analyze the various opportunities for cost reductions. You can even offer bonuses if the strategy becomes successful. This would encourage the vendors to play a more pro-active part and work hard to achieve the targeted savings.  2. interior designer singaporeAdopt 3 Tier Service Levels  Another great money-saving technique is to have three ascending levels of service provisions. Work together with your outsourcing service provider and design a three tiered IT service offering. This would allow your customers to choose an appropriate level of support for themselves that matches their budget and requirements. This would not only bring more business but also cut down costs of investments.  3. Take Advantage of Standardization and Process Maturity  Standardization and process maturity allows you to seek new and more cost effective service providers in offshore locations who can complete the same tasks at considerable cheaper prices. These emerging offshore locations have minimum service level interruptions and your business operations are processed seamlessly and more efficiently. However, these kind of deals also require high standards of compliance between both the parties.  4. Extend the Terms of Agreement  Examine your entire IT portfolio and analyze the costs of all the procedures. You would be surprised to find certain procedures that interior designer singaporewhen outsourced to your service provider can get you considerable cost savings. Moreover, you can also consider extending the outsourcing deal past its current expiry date. Renewal of deals generally cost you less. interior designer singaporeIn fact, you can re-negotiate your deal and ask your service provider for discounts.  5. Monitor the Performance of your Service Provider  The grim economic environment has made life tough for all Businesses, including that of outsourcing service providers. Also, add to it the increased competition in the market. That is why certain scrupulous service providers have started reducing interior designer singaporeheadcount and reducing their contractual duties, all of which result in under quality services. Thus, it becomes extremely important for you to monitor the proceedings of your service provider and make sure you are getting value for your money. This is a significant money saving tip!  6. Consider Offshore Options  In the wake of current developments, many businesses have cut down on outsourcing and prefer to delegate their operations to nearshore centers. However, in spite of their ‘near shore’ factors and the absence of time zones and distance interior designer singaporeissues, they still would be more expensive where as offshore service providers can do the same thing for much cheaper prices. Author’s Resource BoxManeet Puri is the managing director of LeXolution IT Services, a professional IT outsourcing firm located in India.t