Apt (Advanced Persistent Threat)

er data, is used to access small cloud services andApt (Advanced Persistent Threat) get more private information, can even make contacts, text messages, photos, location, loApt (Advanced Persistent Threat) ck the phone and delete information and other privileges.  December 25, 2014, 12306 website of the child’s exposure to high-risk vulnerabilities, resulting in 131653 user information was Apt (Advanced Persistent Threat) leaked. Tdata contain a large amount of user data, is used to access small cloud services and get more private information, can even make contacts, text messages, photos, location, lock the phone and deleteApt (Advanced Persistent Threat) information and other privileges.  December 25, 2014, 12306 website of the child’s exposure to high-risk vulnerabilities, resulting in 131653 user information was leaked. thisbig data analysis has been regarded as an effsed including the massive data processing, mining and application etc., and these applications will lead the Apt (Advanced Persistent Threat) data storage device and provide solutions, data analysis, mining and processing enterprises link in the development, in to promote the IOE and localization of the waveApt (Advanced Persistent Threat) of and prospects for the development of related industry worth looking forward to. < p >, Hengsheng (002335, stock it) in recent years continued to force the big data fields, in April this year the company and Hebei Province Zhangjiakou Municipal People’s government, Beijing Star wisdom science and technology company signed a “smart energy (600869, Guba) project management strategic cooperation framework agreement debate”, creating smart energyApt (Advanced Persistent Threat) management cloud platform. In June, the company Apt (Advanced Persistent Threat) acquired te importance of the use of large data. In July 1st, the general office of the State Council issued a number of opinions on the use of big data to strengthen the service and supervision of the market.  agency is expected to jointly promote the needs of enterprises and government departments, the big data industry will usher in an average annual growth rate of over 100%, in 2016 the market size is expected to reach ten billion yuan. Engaged in the integration of large data acquisition, data storage operations, data analysis, data mining, data applications and consumer services division, will be the market expansion opportunities. < p > from the perspective of enterprises, big uding energy, electricity, finance, national defense and national core interest relationship beneficial to the people’s liveliApt (Advanced Persistent Threat) hood Benefits infrastructure.  APT how to prevent attacks? With the old saying is called Chinese: “not afraid of thieves to steal, afraid of thieves misses.” Both offensive and defensive information asymmetry, concealment and persistence is the biggest threat to APT attacks. Look at two typical attack 00 people.  HUAWEI switches and enterprise communications product line vice president Liu Lizhu said: the firewall market share of theApt (Advanced Persistent Threat) first, is a long-term commitment to the field of network security in Apt (Advanced Persistent Threat) HUAWEI. In 2014, China’s network security rose to national strategy. Both the government and the enterprise need better network security protection. HUAWEI will continue to increase investment, to provide customers with better products and services.”  about HUAWEI’s next generation firewall prodApt (Advanced Persistent Threat) ucts  high-end series: USG9500 series, mainly used for large data Apt (Advanced Persistent Threat) centers< p > recrvey about a third of the respondents said that when they use the mobile terminal within the enterprise, have all been malicious software attacks, and 40% of the respondents pointed out that their mobile terminal has become a specifically targeting a specific persApt (Advanced Persistent Threat) on, to the entry point for access to company information access apt aggression, and the like. < p > in aApt (Advanced Persistent Threat) by the data security and privacy strategy trated in some provinces and municipalities of the CDC and health systems, resulting in tens of millions of users of medical data face the risk of leakage. These data include the user’s home address, illness and social security card and other sensitive information, not only against the user privacy, may even be the hacker as a tool to network crime, resulting in patients suffer serious economic losses.  so, why the health industry data security issues will be so prominent? < p > in this regard, trend of China ScienApt (Advanced Persistent Threat) ce and technology technical director Tsai Chin said: “with the acceleration of the construction of digital medical, patient data usually through multiple system, across mroach to the integration of defense methods, not a single.” WatchGuard Ye Xingchen, general manager of China, told reporters that, in addition to a variety of security products with a combination of layers of defense, to educate employees and establish a good security system is also very important. < p >, told reporters, after early virus problems, the age of the Internet, security threats already is not installed antivirus software, regularly updatedApt (Advanced Persistent Threat) recognition library to find corresponding traces can be resolThttp://www.trendmicro.co.th/th/enterprise/challenges/advance-targeted-attacks/