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In this regard, the Government and holiday Camps the people of Hong Kong have called on breath, a sense of relief. However, unblocking “good news” does not mean that the epidemic has become a threat to Hong Kong in the past, if you think so, it is likely to come to naught, and a big mistake. The article summarized as follows: strict quarantine measures in Hong Kong due to appear first case of holiday Camps influenza Mexican taken, because the virus was not found in patients with latent expiration of seven days, two holiday camps have been given today re-opened. bly provoke a number of questions as well as criticism, but for “prevent” We need to Hong Kong society and the international community is responsible for the Government can not “let go”, not concessions. Immediate outbreak of “urgency of” decline, some industry also raised the issue of business on livelihoods, such as tourism indus holiday Camps try yesterday proposed, if there is a second example Plaguedelated reports: a time when the labor pains of China’s hotel industry, the industry in a tremendous effort after they found little achievements, we are very concerned about China’s hotel industry go from here. So, how many of China’s hotel industry can not bear the pain, the Chinese hotel industry the way out there? This article tries to make a jade of bricks. First, the pain of oversupply country star hotel in 2014 a loss ofbillion yuan, becoming the la holiday Camps rgest loss on record cam holiday Camps e in. 2014 China accounted for 9percent of the 12,803-star hotel in a loss of 5.921 billion yuan, more than the 1999 loss of 5.7 billionlopers, developers need to enhance land value brand hotels, etc. ; two multinational hotel management companies the more the holiday Camps better, because the multinational hotel management companies in addition to the Shangri-La, Peninsula, not all investment management fees for asset-light model is character holiday Camps ized, multinational hotel management companies precipitous wind is caused by poor hotel management brand devaluation, but the prisoner’s dilemma principle cause long-term interests aa is the only place where there is no hotel investment control. China was once a hotel where the most stringent controls, Beijing Jianguo Hotel construction has holiday Camps deputy prime minister and deputy chairman of redlining. Aimed at reducing the government’s approval of “Administrative Permission Law” to cancel government approval on the premise that government areas out of the market and society can be contrfield trips, but as a guest stay at the hotel, its management, services, facilities and other secret holiday Camps investigation, then give assessment. Subsequent management star does have a problem, 2003 edition of “division of star tourist hotels and Evaluation” was added platinum five-star, 2007 assessment Beijing China World Hotel, Portman Ritz-Carlton, Guangzhou Garden Hotel became The first platinum five-star hotel and then no later, holiday Camps three hotels in fact become for life, and since 2007 China outstanding hotel after another. The first stage of homogenization of China’s hotel performance for homogeneity of style, like the lobby and rooms; now reflects a more functional verage Rate: Star Level 6holiday Camps yuan -1.26% -2.18% 354.86 yuan four-star, three-star -1.3holiday Camps yuan, two-star + 5.78% 160.89 yuan, 106.75 yuan a star -17.09%; holiday Camps average occupancy rate: 55.00 Star % -1.79% 54.00% -5.26% four-star, three-star 53.00% -3.64% 53.00% -1.85% two stars, one star 49.00% -3.92%; revenue per available room: Star 376.08 yuan -2.40% -6.38% 194.30 yuan four-star, three-star -5.00% 114.39 yuan, two-star + 4.22% 85.68 yuan, 52.75 yuan -20.49% one star. 2, the hotel profit distribution (1) Shanghai, Sanya city accounted for 66.07% of the holiday Camps total profit margin. Shanghai to 1.875 billion yuan in 2014, to 645 million yuan ranked Sanya City star hotel profit championship. Shanghai, Sanya’s net profit accounted for 66.07% 15 profitable cities the total net profit. The other 13 holiday Camps have net profit of the city are: 4 holiday Camps.44, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, 2 yuan; four-star 2219 1.16 yuan, 1.35 yuan 2148, 2186 1.40 yuan, 2361 yuan -19.47 , 2373 -24.52 yuan; Samsung-4.54 yuan, 5473 yuan -2.75, 5379 -3.19 yuan, 5631 yuan -3.34, 5406 -11.64 yuan; Award 4612 0.33 yuan, 0.69 yuan 3276, 3020 home 0.50 holiday Camps yuan, 4.46 yuan 2831, 2557 3.53 yuan; a star 297 2.00 yuan, 3.91 yuan 164,  yuan, holiday Camps 6.14 yuan 125, 99 5.59 yuan. Second, the observed trends in hotel business since 1990 national star hotel in the calendar year 1990 net profit of 400 million yuan, 700 million yuan in 1997, from 1998 to 2004 consecutive losses in 1998, 1999, 2000, respectively, three losses to 3.2 billion yuan, 5.7 billion yuan and 20 billion yuan in 2005 profit 1 billion yuan, 3.3 billion yuan in 2006, in 2007 5.5 billion yuan, 3.2 billion yuan in 2008, a loss of 1.2 billion yuan in 201,72t