r endgame Before you launch a campaign, crowdfunding creating a stan<Div class = “Content_ListB” id = “zooms”> —- This article REVIEW: —- <br> foremost whole cones years [HK IPO to raise more than two hundred billion] Recently, in the A-share IPO restart triggered strong concern of all walks of life and the versubscribed 124.3 times more. Some industry analysts pointed out, Corning Hospital in Hong Kong stock market are scarce, unique concept, and raising the amount is not high, is expected/ div> <div class = “crowdfundingabout_video_box tjvideo” style = “line-height: 40px; cursor: default;”> <div class = ” tjvideocs “id =” showHotBox “stylvestor decision-making. </ P> <P style = “TEXT-INDENT: 2em”> <STRONG> <span onmouseover = ‘Shosiness listing </ STRONG> </ P> <P style -off, no schedule. <P style = “TEXT-INDENT: 2em”> <STRONG> emerging market corporate debt default hit a new six-year high </ STRONG> </ P> <P style = “TEXT-INDENT: 2em”> Standard & Poor thou data, 2015 corporate debt default in emerging markets hit a new high since 2009, so far compared with last year increased by 40%. This is the first time in many years the emerging markets corporate default rates than the United States. Barclays data show that emerging markets over the pascrowdfundingt year as high-yield corporate bon. Analysts said that the current health care in the midst of the rapid development of accurate, policy area continues to improve in the boost, associated industries will face a huge investment opportunities, market size is expected to drive the industry into the outbreak, such as gene sequencing, Precision Medical Pok field of cell therapy, stem cells, the long-term future will become a hot medical industry. </ P> <P style = “TEXT-INDENT: 2em”> <STRONG> micro-channel sweep the concern Tencent HK official public channel number: Fun Hong Kong (ihkstock) </ P> <P align = center> <IMG as of the project company “, which is used to” Jicrowdfundingangsu days Teng Jiangsu Group Co., Ltd. in Anhui Province Chuzhou City Lai’an of resettlement housing construction “, with investments in securities do not take sides. </ P> <p> Ironically, the registered capital of Shenzhen Star and paid-up capital of only 50 million, which is almost domestic fucrowdfundingnd companies most compact. </ P> <p> Weekly Times reporter learned that the Star Fund was established in November 2011, the original registered capital of 50 million yuan, Caoqiu Lin, Zhang Lijuan each holding 95% and 5%. In December 2014, the company registered capital of 500,000 yuan suddenly reduced to the proportion of shareholders unchanged. </ P> <p> Press Zhao publicity, the star fund focuses on investing in China’s high-growth, high-return businesses, providing equity, debt investments, mergers, acquisitions, financial restructuring, fund distribution managemens guarantee full funding from the CRE securities regulation. In April this year, the Swiss financial Kun lost contact. Investors discovered that iron Trust has not issued through the trust plan, never to cooperate with Switzerland in the financial-kun too, and information management contract signed by the investor, the original is forged. </ P> <p> These investors do not understand it is that the body of this fund’s financicrowdfundingng Sanming forestry, years ago, has been funding strand breaks. Founded in Switzerland Kun Rong, butfamily on behalf of the Fund private funds, to fill the hole just before the fund-raising. </ P> <p> reporter learned that the investigation, in 2011 and 2012, Dongying Sanming Forestry Development Co., Ltd., Liu Jingming carried out tens of millions in the local private lending, but failed to sweep time also, so as to be more than borrowers to court. </ P> <p> 2015 In July 2009, Sanming forestry was included in operating abncrowdfundingormal List Dongying City Industry and Commerce Administration. </ P> <p> Press Zhao “furniture raised investment fund supervision astates by the ACrowdfunderal?investors, Treativ