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trict, Zhengzhou Cityinterior designer singapore Goldwater East sensible way • New Mango and county Vatican rounded design is a company focused service high-end villa decoration (200 square meters or more), high-end furniture people club design professional interior design agencies, service Henan Province, since 12 years provides a professional design, construction, soft fitted villa of 580 club One-stop renovation experience. Recently, a spectacular interior design competition was successfully held in Yunnan,interior designer singapore Xn addition, through this opportunity to understand each other, we communicate with each other, to better unite design strength in Asia, for the entire Asian sinterior designer singaporeervice, and even for the world service. As China Interior Decoration Association is concerned, it is a national associainterior designer singaporetion industry organizations. We interior designer singaporehave a lot of professional membership, our professional committees about 300 people, all Chinese, including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan are some very accomplished designer, originally commissioned by the Government to issue vocational qualification certificate, professional qualification certificate is issued about our association nearly 200,000 in Ching, in the last 20, 30 years, which have a great development, China still continues to develop, and the future is to maintain the pace of development is very alarming situation . We talked about the industry, in terms of annual average growth rate reached 20%, about 15% to 20%, we know last year was a little slowed down slightly, 15 percent to 20 percent, but is still develointerior designer singaporeping very fast, the annual output value It reached $ 314 million, which is a very large number. As the employment situation, we have a total 17 million working people. Then there are one million is a professioand decinterior designer singaporeorative arts. This chart, based on interior design magazines, we see that the interior design to have a hundred of giant companies, all 100 giant companies, 44 percent set up offices ia or the Chinese interior decoration industry development. We interior designer singaporecame to China, I think all of my colleagues, many experts on China are very understanding. Because in China’s ancient tradition among Pok Zhe, China special attention to the metaphysical, because intangible and tangible metaphysical is a metaphysical concept of interdependence, because of the special relationship between the track and the attention in China. Because here I would like you to emphasize, because in Chinese tradition Zhe curb inside, that the road is invisible, is representative of all running a reason, but also includes the value judgments of society cultural, political and ethical aspects . So a search for track, is actually composed of a value of harmony between man and nature orientation. This year we are China Interior Design Week is the new normal, new thinking, new designs as our entire Design Week 2015 theme. So the premise of the new norm, howinterior designer singapore are we going to the traditional culture of China at. Then in education. We are also a very leaps and bounds, in fact, no matter what we say or education industry, which may have been developed by leaps and bounds in all ten years ago or five years ago, it is difficult to imagine. For example, interior designer singapore China’s interior design education, which is a lot of education in China’s interior are disposed inside art academies. In 1982, when China’s interior design professional institutions with very, vinterior designer singaporeery small, is the whole of design interior designer singaporeschools is only 18, but by 2008, when the development from 18 to 637, is already a big figures. But by the year 2015, when we comparedinterior designer singapore with 2008, the number of our art institutions has tripled, the number of Chinese art college has now reached beyond the 2000 such a scale. There is because of the rapid development of China, coupled with China before a politica