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ext ojective fight for the Chinese people to personal loan hong kongachieve a good to-do Matters level. (The next goal of the Chinese people in this century to reach a comfortable level.) 8) his worked acceptance A / CS Pay. accounts payable Accounts Payable A / CS Rec. accounts receivable should After accounts receivable ACT advance corporation tax withholding corporate tax ACU Asia Currency Unit ACU ACV actual cash value actual cash valuilpersonal loan hong kongd – operate – own – transfer bop balance of payments balance of payments BOT balance of trade trade balance BOY beginning of year beginning bp, B / P bills payable notes payable Br. branch offices BR bank rate bank rate br, B / R bills receivable notes receivable Brok. broker or brokerage broker or brokerage fees bs, BS, B / S balance sheet assetsP cpersonal loan hong kongurrent purchasing power purchasing power Cps existing units. coupons coupon CPT carriage paid to carriage paid to …… C / R company’s risk business wind precipitous Cr. credit credits, credit CR carrier’s risk carrier wind precipitous CR current rate the day of the exchange rate, the current exchange rate CR cash receipts of cash income CR class rate classification freight rates CS civil servant; civil service civil servants, civil service CS convertible securities convertible securities CS capital stock equity CSI customert Bank Expersonal loan hong kongport-Import Bank of English vocabulary Featured News Lecture Series Favorites people: shame 2009-11-06 | read: turn: | Xinhuanet | Share English News Lexicon Features (1) as in English as the Chinese continue to develop and change, for examples of such new words in English expressiopersonal loan hong kongn, are provided for evidence:. 1) Taking advantage of the two-day dayoffs, he basked in the spring sunshine with his family (he and his family bathed in under the spring sunshine, enjoy the fun of the weekend.) 2) The central government called on every region to develop its own exporthemselves to the international conventions and set up aftersales services accepting repairs and dealing with customers, complaints. (Many large companies in Shanghai have specially equipped service centers, accepting repairs and dealing with customer complaints, the aim of the international practice.) The above are examples show, reading English newspapers regarded as the pulse of a modern English contacts multiplier shortcut, which is the traditional textbook and general bilingual dictionaries unmatched. This feature will undoubtedly help learning English Pok who closely follow personal loan hong kongthe pace of development of modern English and improve English language skills. Similar neologisms are found everywhere in the English newspapers, torks” (network of personal connections) , “sea” (risk one ”s fortune in business), “quit” (job-hop) and so on. Thus, the emergence of this new word is accompanied by specific political and social environment and produce, so they have significant social, easy to be generally accepted by the reader. As October 4, 1957, the former Soviet Union launched the world’s first artificial satellite, opened up a new era of human exploration of the universe, and sometimes universally eagerly look forward to the sky. English news reports it spelled letter by Russian Sputnik I Satellite. After that, the word sputnik widely used because the dictionary is loaded, interpreted as a “hula (hula hoops), surfing (surfing), talk (ing) show (talk shows, talk shows), Kara OK (Kara OK) and other new words, and both are through the English newspapers and other media to spread and well known in the seen, the media in today’s world the various tentacles of political, economic, technological, cultural and social life as well as the ever-changing good performance channels, the advent of modern English in new words and new words these in real life because of such and the emergence of new