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1st century skills, and an Primary Schools in Singaporeinternational outlook – all essential for success in today’s globalized world. Students, aged 3 to 18.enjoy a world-class educational proars Programme and the Diploma Programme. The CIS curriculum is benchmarked against national curriculums globally, allowing students to transition to another school when the time comes, or to graduate to universities anywhere in the world. A STEAM Philosophy that Fuels Innovation The CIS STEAM (Science, Arts and Mathematics) philosophy and maurriculum: PracticaPrimary Schools in Singaporel Life, Sensorial Exercises, Language, Mathematics.Cultural Studies Programmes include: Intensive Chinese Immersion Programme, Kidz Fun Discovery Programme Instruction in: English, Mandarin Half Day, Full Day, Primary Schools in Singaporeand Flexi Programme available. Our locations: Brighton Montessori Fort Road 16 Fort Road, Singapore 7 Brighton Montessori Frankel Avenue 125 Frankel Avenue, Singapore 5 Brighton Montessori Mountbatten Road 764 Mountbatten Road, Singapore 2Brighning a group of more than 40 international schools around the world Primary Schools in Singaporethat offer all their students and staff the highest quality learning and unique global experiences. Nord Anglia Education’s philosophy is based on a High Quality Learning approach, which challenges prevailing beliefs that innate educational ability is the key to a child’s success. Being part of a world leading group of schools also means that Dover Court students have access to the many global opportunities Nord Anglia Education hPrimary Schools in Singaporeas to offer. These include a yearly trip to Tanzania, and the first Global Orchestra programme and public performance in New York in June 2015.Making Contact If you are interested to find out mor has a bustling, multicultural community of learners fro around the globe. Pre-Schools and Teacher Education Courses. Registered with the Ministry of Education in Singapore, EtonHouse is a member of the Council of International Schools. EtonHouse currently operates more than 100 pre-schools and schools across Singapore, Hong Kong, China.Indonesia, India, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Cambodia, Viy (Singapore) 2 Yishun Street 42 Singapore 7Website: German European School Singapore At GESS, we have 1,500 students with over 50 nationalities from Pre-School through Secondary School. GESS offers two different curriculums – the International Baccalaureate (IB), where the language of instrucPrimary Schools in Singaporetion is English and the German Abitur, taught in German. From a young age.students are exposed to multiple languages, especially their Mother Tongue Languages. We believe that encouraging students to study in their mother tongue will give them the roots and identity they need to succeed in adult life. German, Our students are engaged in solidarity campaigns throughe Grassroots’ Club 190 Ang Mo Kio Ave 8.Singapore 5Contact us to find out more or to schedule a tour at any of our centres. Chatsworth International School(hile being nurtured in a tight-knit community. whose fees are free. For IGCSE, Odyssey is opening a brand new centre at 119 Jalan Loyang Besar in January 2014. Marlborough College became the first independent, which provides an excellent British-style education, challenging piece of work that is the product of the students own initiative and creativity. Three core requirements of the programme are: the Theory of Knowledge (TOK).some will choose to pursue a deghich public or private schoite: Chatsworth International School at Emerald Hill Road Sitting inconspicuously among the characteristic and colourful shophouses of the old Straits settlement on top of Emerald Hould appear to have a relatively “British” feel to it, the language of instruction, this campus today plays host to an IB World School with over 44 nationalitOrchard) occupies a former Peranakan mansion and its grounds. ChatsworthIts location occupies both an important place in the past as an educational landmark of colonial-era Singapore as well as a place today where it sits seamlessly within the modern heart of this tropical City State. Address:?37 Emerald Hill Road Singapore Email?sg Website:? Dh our C.E initiatives, They are inspired to explore music and the arts and participate in our Vocal and Instrumental Programme (VIP) and be motivated to live an activl he dem