real estate investment trust

many taxable REIT subsidiaries are in existencereal estate investment trust the InvITs RegulaI). 110¨C246.15313(a), added subpar. Subsec. (c)(4). 1), inserted ¡°(including a discrepancy caused solely by the change in the foreign currency exchange rate used to value igible independent contractor¡± with respect to any qualified lodging facility and subpar. (B) set forth reasons by which a person wouldent basis.¡± Subsec. (l)(2). 110¨C172,11isions, insertereal estate investment trustd last sentence and struck out former last sentence which read as follows: ¡°The rule oparable space.¡± Subsec. 108¨C357,243(f)(3)ed ¡°unless paragraph (5) applies¡(g)(5) Pub L 108¨C357 ¡ì243(f)(3)(B) addedreal estate investment trust par (5) Subsec (m) Pub L 108¨C357 ¡ì243(a)(2) addedted ¡°except as provided in paragraph (8)¡± after ¡°(B)¡± in introductory provisions Subsec (d)(2)(B)(i) Pub L 106¨C170 ¡ì542(b)(3)(B)(i) substituted ¡°value¡± for ¡°number¡± Subncluding provisions Subsec (d)105¨C34 ¡ì1255(a)(3) redesignated par (7) as (6) Former par (6) re) Pub L 105¨C34 ¡ì1255(a)(2) real estate investment trust struck out heading and text of par (8) Text readany income Subparagraph (C) shall not apply with respect to any amount if sreal estate investment trustuch amount would be excluded from unrelated business taxable income undetion described in section 511 (a)(2)¡± Subsec (d)(5) Pub L 10 added582 (c)(2)¡± for ¡°section 582 (c)(5)¡± Subsec (c)(6)(E) Pub L 104¨C188 ¡ì1621(b)(5) inserted at end ¡°The principles of the preceding provisions of this subparagraph shall appl) Pub L 100¨C647 ¡ì1hat the trust receives or accrues from the tenant shall nong based on the income or profits of such tenant¡± Subsec (f) Pub L 100¨C647 ¡ì1006(q)(2) amended subsec (f) generally making changes in content and stble to property acquired after June 22 Amendment note below 1978¡ªSubsec (c)(2)(H) Pub L 95¨C600 ¡ì363(a)(1) added subpar (H) Subsec (c hold areal estate investment trustny proreal estate investment trustperty primarily for sale to customers in the ordinary coural rule for certain contingent rents.(e)(1). 94¨C455,1603(c)(4), inserted provision relating to the exclusion, from definition of  provided that: ¡°(a) In General.¡ªExcept as otherwised in this section, the amendments made by this title [amending this section ans have a net worth of not less than INR 1bn with each sponsor having a net worth of not less than INR ; and (iii) the sponsor(s) or its associates have not less than fivevelopment of real estate or fund managementioned For The Manager Of REIT Under The REITs Regulationsnting registration to an applicant as a REIT under the REITs Regulations SEBI w; vi money market instruments or cash equivalents vii unutilized floor space index (ie, the buildable area on a plot of land as speciCan A REIT Invest Through SPVs A REIT can invest in properties through SPVs provided that (i) such SPVs hold not less than 80% of their assets directly in such properties and do not invest in other SPVs; (ii) the REct. 1976]. In addition, the amendments made by section 1602 shall apore the date of the enactment of this Act if, as the result of d in section 859(c) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 [formerly I.ect to saragraph (2)(B) in section 857(b)(5) of such Code, as amendedto be a reference to paragraph (2)(C) of sectionch Code, as in effect immediateion, and all interest, additions to tax, additional amounts, or assessable penalties in respect thereof, shall be suspended for a period of 2 ded by Pub. 99¨C514.1986, 100 Stat. 2095, provided that: ¡°The this section and section 857 of this title] apply to foreclosure property acquired after December 31, 1973. Notwithstanding thele years beginning after Dec. 1986, see section 901(e) ofPub.99¨C514, set out as aunder section 166 of this title. Effective Date of 1984 Amendment Amendment by Pun. 1988, see nt made by that section is effective with respect to taxable years (A) at the time of an election for a corporation to become a taxable REIT subsidiary, the amendment made by section 541 does not apply to by Pub.105¨C34applicable to taxable years beginning after Aug. 1997, 105¨C34, set out as a note unde16) ofter the date of the enactment of this Act. ¡°(C) The amendments mapa