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half casean not just use other chemicals to clean the lens, but only when very necessary to use cleaning fluid, usually pay atten half case tion to the lens cap and use the camera package to reduce the frequency of cleaning, lens cleaning fluid or how much would be ing movements, but must ensure that the lens performance is no dust, or would cause very serious lens damage. Therefore, we usually best to use UV lens for a certain degree of protection for the lens, a good UV also more than 100 pieces, several thousand shots happen much cheaper than you hands. And, in general, the indivi half casedual small dust will not affect the image, there is no need for regular cleaning. Xiao Bian personally is the lens aperture down to f / 10 can be seen after the dust, will find a way to clean up, others do not have too much bother. such situations. Second, avoid exposure to humid air, it is recommended to place a box or machine DC kit in half caseto the desiccant. Second, the shock: when shooting with the camera to try to hang around the neck, holding machine to prevent the situation unstable drop the camera. Secondly, when looking for a stable place to place cameras placed love machine, to prevent instability due to child care support allows the camera to fall, whi half casee careful not to scratch the LCD or hard object lens. Third, avoid dirty: dirty lens will affect the imaging lens, the lens barrel improper internal protection will affect the CCD sensor into the gray, another large LCD dirt will affect the visual eff half caseects. Sand, dusty environment when usinnvironment have a greater impact on the electrical equipment, electrical appliances can cause digital camera failures and other pieces of the serious half case problems occur. If you have to use a digital camera in a humid environment, you can consider purchasing a waterproof cover foPuffed food in common desiccant, can help us to remove moisture If you are using a SLR, and has a few expensive lenses, you can consider yourself to purchase a Ca half casebinets, although this stuff cheap, but definitely give the best protection for your camera. In addition, there are electronic Cabinets with electronic moisture inside the device, you can freel half casey adjust the humidity inside, if your equipment is top, it is necessary to set yourself on a set. Long-term storage of the camera, it is necess pay particular attention to, use umbrellas, raincoats on the block like on the block, it is not rather not take a chance and do not let water droplets into the machine within. We need to be upgraded from time to time on the computer to get a more stable performance, digital camera, too, byto connect the computer, the camera mode dial to keep playing files, while ensuring that there is adequate power digital camera support, can be considered connected to an external power supply to ensure enough power. Open can increase the playback speed in the camera menu, and select the function table extra “Firm Upd half caseated” optionnd cause damage to the memory card. The primary principle of protecting the memory card is never install and remove the memory card only in the case of digital cameras has been closed. Users often mistake yes, anxious to remove the memory card from the camera, although the power has been turned off, but some of the camera’s storage is slow, or takes a long time drawing a larger camera may seem has stopped, but in fact, the storage oper half caseation is continuing, then save the file t http://www.kaza-deluxe.com/