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half case hands of the digital camera: If you are using a digital camera, you should use a few days detailed and comprehensive look at the hand half cases of the digital camera, the operation of all functions of the camera again. The best is the most likely to use their various features and more familiar times. Only in this way, you can give full play to your hands all the potential uses of the digital camera. For digital photography, the storage performance digital camera plays a very important role in the photographic process. Digital camera memory cards are more expensive accessory, must be carefull half casey protected. Careless use of a memory card, processing, there will result in loss of information on the memory card, and even damage the memory card. The half caserefore, care must be taken to maintain and upkeep the memory card. Digital camera mount or removeof digital camera half caseFor digital cameras, humid one enemy. Humid conditions may cause camera lenses and other optical components and other parts of the camera to produce mildew or rust, and digital cameras are equipped with integrated circuits an half cased other electrical equipment, moist wait until after a good deal of technical knowledge to improve the photography will also increase your own will know what kind of lensPrice: Cons: Compared 550D, almost Buy a camera when you turn on the counter that fits very expensive camera gear cutting sets are not cold. So attentive salesman sell to us when someone proudly: We do not buy this, do our own home! ! He was saying the words out, but for myself, my heart is not the end point. In addition, when you are not going to use a digital camera, it must be from a digital camera or battery charger half caseout, and it is completely discharged, then stored in a dry, cool environment, and not to the battery and t half casehe general store with metal objects, which is particularly important for non-rechargeable batteries. 6 digital camera body clean Digital cameras in use, should pay attention to avoid the dust and smoke, o the lens, not capable of cleaning fluid directly onto the lensres of digital camera parts, not only very expensive, but also vulnerable to injury, and therefore require special attention during use protection. First, pay attention to avoid color LCD sMonth did not m half caseove this thought, one da half casey, when online wander, see a lot of fabric camera sets warm and lovely, heart, but the prices have more than 100 frequently, really worth. Fortunately, everyone in order to highlight their exquisite detail, the pictures are extremely detailed photograph. So I embarrassed you, cheekily stole a few favorite yourselfers myself. Tarps want to start, but the kind of fabric is too thick, not control, think after all the rain and snow out with a camera made nervous when or less, it is the PASS. To be able to play a prote half casective role, quilted or unavoid half caseable. On the street did not sell hot melt cotton, acrylic cotton wadding own it? I am skeptical of their technology. Thus, election to electionOf course, the above-mentioned initiatives in an environment with sand to protect the camera is not enough, you have to look around, if anyone in football, throw a Frisbee, or there is a lot of wind, and if so, you should consider Do not take out my camera to use. 3 In addition to sand, dust, also destroyed a major weapon of the camera. Like sand dust will not scratch the camera as internal components, resulting in SLR cameras do not work. It is generally only pollute your lens and the image sensor, so you can not shoot high-quality photos. http://www.kaza-deluxe.com/