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Best restaurants in Singapore inspired by his upbringing in Auvergne, Central France, Royer sources his ingredients from the Best restaurants in Singapore suppliers all over the world, always in search of the freshest ingredients with a pure organic taste. Born into a family of farmers, he was taught to appreciate and value the beauty of seasonal produce, and saw how each animal, vegetable and fruit would reach its prime at different times of the year. Fish head steamboat is also popular with Chinese Singaporeans. As the name suggests, this is fish head or fish meat slices cooked in a steamboat. The main ingredients consist of fish, vegetables and yam. Nutritious and delicious. Many Malay dishes are done with tasty coconut milk, for example, their wonderful and lemak curries. The vital ingredients in their foods include chillies and sambal belachan (a combination of dried shrimp paste and chillies), spices and herbs like lemon grass, tamarind and coriander. Some Western colleagues of mine once told me that they felt awful when they noticed the eyes of the cooked fish staring at them over the hot curry. Well, be warned, fish head curry is the name and fish head makes up the main ingredient in the dish. So you get a pretty good size fish head with eyes, mouth and teeth intact. Where to eat Best restaurants in Singapore Fish Head Curry? Muthu’s Curry Best restaurants in Singapore Race Course Road. Banana Leaf Curry Best restaurants in Singapore Race Course Road. Soon Heng (a Chinese restaurant) in Kinta Road Hawker centers. While Japanese chefs led the headcount, helming 12 of the restaurants listed, French chefs were the next most popular, tying with Indian chefs at seven each, followed by six Chinese chefs. Best restaurants in Singapore Chinese is also featuring Executive Lunch and Dinner Set Menus tailored for the busy executives. Yum Char, or traditional Chinese High Tea, is also available at Jia Wei every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 11am to 5pm for dim sum lovers. Best restaurants in Singapore Chinese is set to cater every customer gusto, with a wide variety of delightful and tasteful dishes for fine dining. The Xiang Di Mi Fen or Crispy Fried Noodle is a popular noodle dish in Malaysia. The noodle was first deep fried and served over a gravy full of seafood and vegetables. This is my first time having the noodle dish and I really enjoyed it. Look at how big the serving was and it costs only $3! The dish is not on the menu so you have to ask the stall. Zi Char stall offering Pineapple Fried Rice on their menu is quite rare. Pineapple Fried Rice was really good and fragrant. It came with a generous serving of pineapples, shrimps, char siew, egg and pork floss. Forget about plain rice to go with the yummy dishes offers on their menu, each mouthful of their Pineapple Fried Rice will definitely satisfy your dining experience here. Direction 1) Alight at Clementi MRT station. Take Exit A. Walk straight towards CityVibe and continue straight to block 450. Walk to the end of block 450 and right to the carpark at the back. Cut across the carpark to block 449 which is opposite blk 450. The coffeeshop is located at the corner of block 449. Journey time about 5 minutes. Chef Chia may not be Japanese, but after 23 years in the business he definitely has the best sources – he regularly snatches up the very best produce from Tokyo’s Tsujiki Fish Market. Some of Shinzo’s not-to-be-missed signature dishes include the Hotate foie gras (Hokkaido scallop with foie gras), Hirame usuzukuri (Thinly sliced flounder with truffle sauce) and Toro tataki (Seared tuna belly).