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Waterproofing contractor singapore have been approved as certified applicators or Master Contractors for most all brands of major manufactured waterproofing products. STRONGARD – Epoxy System & Protective Lining-Strongard is marketed as the trade name for our waterproofing contractor singapore products and formulated by STRONTECH. Waterproofing Through our on-site experience with various types of waterproofing contractor singapore materials from our local suppliers and manufacturers, Strontech has carefully selected the best waterproofing solution for our value customers by delivering them with a permanent solution. Over the past 30 years we have been a consistent and professional voice in the waterproofing industry. We are a recognised source of knowledge, offering expert building and waterproofing solutions. Secondly Simple, economical installation. KRS Modified Bitumen waterproof membranes can be installed without extra time or money, thanks to installation options such as cold-applied adhesive; hot asphalt; heat-welded; self-adhered base with heat-welded cap; and mechanically attached base with heat-welded cap. Past two decades, we have accumulated a wealth of construction experience, summed up a set of traditional and modern technology combined plugging water method to correct for different selection of reasonable construction, to achieve complete sealing of the purpose of good difficult seepage repair, waterproofing contractor singapore plugging symptoms and cure. We more excellent customer service, hard work and honest dealing has helped us grow and meet customers’ statisfation. Whether for new construction, maintenance or restoration, our product range under east malaysia distributorship or applicatorship is sufficient to solve most of the waterproofing and concrete problems. The biggest advantage in using our services is that we have the ability to carry out waterproofing repair against water pressure. This means, no hacking of tiles, no hassles, and substantially lower cost. The best part is the waterproofing contractor singapore does not have a life span limitation. The process of crystallization will continue to take place in your treated concrete throughout its life, everytime moisture is present, self-healing shrinkage cracks and preventing future leakages. we treat surfaces to protect and resist against graffiti and to simplify graffiti removal, protect hard-to-seal services, control rain water penetration through exterior block walls. Our company has over nine years of experience in the industry and we guarantee each job for three years including labor and material. A building may exhibit an extremely small leak rate, but it will still leak. All materials have cracks, crevices, or holes, some dimension are microscopic. These may have been created during the building process, or due to wear, fatigue, stress, or just due to the porosity of the material. My job is to stop them from damaging your property. Once they have fully assessed the situation and established the cause of your damp or wet basement, we will offer you affordable solutions to transform your wet space into a dry, healthier environment. We has the in-depth expertise to create a permanent solution to your home’s water issues. At waterproofing contractor singapore, we have over 10 years of experience helping home and business owners recover from and prevent future water damage. If your home or business is at risk, don’t wait. The time you take now may be worth thousands down the road. Call the name you can trust in Hartford. Call Waterproofing today. Along with our waterproofing systems, Waterproofing also has years of experience applying transparent water repellents, which minimize the infiltration of water on exterior surfaces that still need to be able to “breathe”. These types of applications are seen in situations where water infiltration and chloride ion interaction can quickly cause major damage in concrete and masonry substrates. The products we install will also help protect your wet basement from water leakage related damage such as rotted wood, wet insulation or ruined carpeting.