half case

half case various parts of the camera in a half casedry ventilated and free from direct sunlight, test the camera has to be dried is no fault, and then placed in a sealed container in the store. Storage can be placed inside the container desiccant, or buy Simple sealing Cabinets. There are two types of disposable desiccant and run using the loop, the former expands and pulverized water-absorbing, moisture-proof agent which is the so-called water glass, blue to pink when wate half caser that is used at the start of the failure can be provided via the sun dry, lamp irradiation or microwave to dry, change back to blue before use. If long-term storage, seal Cabinets is a good container, more advanced Electronic Cabinets can also control the humidity to reach, but be careful not Cabinets humidity as low as possible, in general, the most suita half casele camera storage humidity about 40% to 50%, down half case half casetoo far, then some parts of lubricant on the digital camera is likely to be dry. 9 Long-term preservation of digital cameras on, after cleaning, you should place the camera in a dry ventilated and free from direct sunlight, let it dr half casey before you can continue to use or storage. Influence of temperature on the camera’s 7 Digital cameras have a strict and limited operating temperature, suitable for shooting in a cold environment and high temperature environments. Sustained high temperatures can affect the adhesive bonding of the optical lens, in the camera can also affect other parts of the GX8. In a cold e half casenvironment, the camera is also easy solidified lubricants, mechanical dysfunctional, lower cell efficiency and other issues. Therefore, you should make a digital camera away from heat and cold sources, such as radiators and other heat or refrigeration equipment, hot sun tan car away and so are the needs. In addition, if inevitably be living under the sun, you ceffect, this effect will reduce the total capacity of the battery and the use of time. Over time, less and less stored charge, the battery will be consumed faster and faster. Therefore, you should try to run out of power recharging. If you are using a dedicated lithium batteries, or lithium ion battery, memory effect problems do not need to consider how the. In everyd half caseay use, the battery should pay attention to maintaining the integrity of the insulation, once they are damaged, you should cement with transparent tape. Check whether the battery electrode oxidation conditions, mild oxidation can be wiped off, but if it is the case of severe oxidation or loss should be replaced with new batteries immediately. Meanwhile, in order to avoid power loss, the need to maintain contact points across the battery and battery cover internal cleaning and, if necessary, use a soft, clean, dry cloth and oid high temperature on the color LCD screen damage, as the temperature rises, the color LCD screen will be black, up to a certain after the temperature, even when the temperature dropped to a normal state, a color LCD screen can not be restored. And some color LCD display screen brightness will decrease as the temperature dropped, the temperature is quite low, urface of the lamp, if a color LCD video screen display dims, or speckled on the image display, or simply can not display images, mostly aging bulb caused such cases, generally as long as the corresponding replacement bulbs can be. If the screen surface is dirty, clean way to clean the lens method can refer to the color LCD, clean finished, should be wiped with a dry cotton cloth. http://www.kaza-deluxe.com/