Warehouse Management System

Warehouse Management System nit  Handling  distribution processing  transport equipment 19 Virtual Logistics 20 The importance 21 Glossary 22 prospects  GDP output  Background Development  Industry Forecast  Development Status 23 logistics processes 24 ways to select logistics channels 25 proper packaging methods 1 Basic Information Editing Explain a Logistics is to meet the needs of Warehouse Management Systemcustomers at tWarehouse Management Systemhe lowest cost, through transport, storage, distribution, etc., to achieve raw materials, semi-finished products, finished Because each functional department wants to use its capacity as much as possible, without leaving any surplus once demand increases, then everywhere become a bottleneck, resulting in the entire process is interrupted. Another example is the Department of Transportation as a separate functional departments, always trying to reduce their transport costs, but if it therefore must beWarehouse Management System accelerated in order to deliver a sea rather than by air, although this save the freight, but lost customers, resulting in overall defeat. So traditional vertical functional management were not suited to the modern large-scale industrial production, while thWarehouse Management Systeme lateral logistics management has different functions can be integrated management on every process in order to achieve overall optimization oftion. port the development of e-commerce logistics, is the truth. Protect the production Starting from the procurement of raw materials, they require a corresponding logistics activities, procurement of raw materials will be in place, otherwise, the entire production proceWarehouse Management Systemss has become without rice; between the process of production, but also need the logistics process raw materials, semi-finished products, to achie thus the creation of corporate strategic advantage in the competition. According to the basic problem with this goal, logistics management to solve, simply put, is to put the right products in the right quantity anWarehouse Management Systemd the right price to the customer at the right time and the right place. Logistics management systems approach emphasizes the use of problem-solving. Modern logistics is usually considered to be composed of transport, storage, packaging, handling, distribution processing, distribution, and information such links. Various aspects of the original features have their own interests and ideas. Systems approach is the use of modern management methods and modern technology to all aspects of information sharing in general, all the links as an integrated system to be organized and managed to make the system at the lowest Warehouse Management Systempossible total cost conditions and provide a competitive advantages of customer service. Systems approach believes that aditional logistics as it is only a concept of “logistical support” and “marketing activities from the bridge,” compared to the depth and breadth have further implications. Summarized Overall, the logistics activities including transportation, handling, storage, storage, packaging, handling, distribution processing and logistics information processing and other basic functions, it is acceptable to flow from suppliers to meet the needs of the community activity is an economic activity. 2 Concept Editing Logistics Management (Logistics Management) refers to the process of social production, according to the laws of flow of material entities, the basic principles of the scientific method and application management, logistics activities of plann worldwide. Chinese logistics industry started late, with the rapid development of the national economy, China’s logistics industry to maintain a rapid growth rate, the logistics system of continuous improvement, the industry is running increasingly sophisticated and standardized. Since 2010, under the impetus of the policy of expanding domestic demand, accelerWarehouse Management Systemate the pace of integration of the logistics market, showing a significant seasonal and structural changes. 2011, China’s logistics operation situation is generallere illegal income confiscated. Violation of the provisions of Article 74, the following acts shall be ordered by the road transport authorities above thof transport vehicles, “road transport card”; (Six) soliciting or accepting other people’s prhttp://www.daifukusingapore.com/products/15/84/Manufacturing-Distribution/Warehouse-Software