eternity ring永恆的象徵戒指

I suggested that even the wedding ring would be bought at her house eternity ring. Just put a row of drills directly on my hand, look at it, and my Leo, special ride! Two plus ride, feel your fingers worth tens of millions! In fact, these two years engagement diamond ring and marriage ring stack Wearing the wind and blowing it fiercely, the stacking effect of these two rings makes me feel the feeling of sorrow eternity ring. Here is a knowledge of the popular science that is now sold: Platinum is well known as the precious metal that is most suitable as a wedding ring, but The metal properties are soft, and most of the diamond rings on the market are mostly K gold eternity ring. Platinum is a very high requirement for the process eternity ring. There are 30 points, but it is clear that I have a feeling of 1 carat eternity ring. I won’t pick it up after I got it eternity ring. The gentle lady told me that this is Leo in her 12 constellation engagement diamond ring series. I was shocked at the time, because I was a Leo drop! Sure enough, this is fate. I really didn’t hesitate, I decided this. The pirate wave official website map, let you feel how beautiful it is! After trying this Leo, I also found a ring with a girl’s heart on the side, did not resist the greedy little try. Tell me this is the constellation ring of Aries, or Lin Yun with the same paragraph, no wonder so familiar, before I saw her Po on the little red book. This ring is in the shape of a garland. The big and small brands have seen a bunch of them. This unique design is the first time I saw it. 10 pink and white diamonds are interlaced on the side, dazzling. Also told me that her family’s ring design is inspired by Greek mythology or stars, so she can find the engagement ring corresponding to the 12 constellations in her home oh ~ so I couldn’t stand it, and pulled her husband straight to the store. Her family can actually make an appointment in advance on the official website, which can guarantee the reception time. It is said that some weekends are so popular that they need to wait for the store to enter the store. When I went there, I thought I must have chosen it, but I didn’t expect it to be suitable for myself. I was not willing to try a few more, including the diamond ring, but I always felt that there was no heart. If you are interested, you can go to the official WeChat Weibo to find a picture or go directly to the store to try on. After choosing the engagement diamond ring, the tragic straight man who accompanied me for a few weekends saw that I liked it so much. Oh, I have visited a few jewelry brands and I have not found it before. The model can touch my style at first sight, but it is a little bit frustrating, but when it comes to me, there is a kind of faintness: it is her home! I can definitely choose the favorite ring! Her style is really beautiful and beautiful.