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Different from other decorative base oils, it is a transparent matte nail polish! Whether it’s applied to the nail or superimposed on other colors, it’s very beautiful! And the texture of the matte is high!he black sequins collection from Eti House is perfect for a white snowflake pattern and is printed on the nails! nail central Apply the second color to the nail and the color can be chosen freely. If the background color is dark, the surface color needs to choose a color with good hiding power and high brilliance, And its small sequins are very delicate and don’t feel very rough at all. nail central This blue is in love with it when I see it. Unlike the bright blue of the sky, it is an elegant blue, but very playful. I believe that the snowflake on it will be very beautiful!The pink manicure has always been the highest voice of the girls! In the hearts of the girls, there is nothing more than a pink little thing that makes a girl burst, so a pink manicure can always have a girl heart! Japanese Style can be said to be the most gentle and warm in the nails. The layered color matching with chemical simple snowflakes, hehe! It doesn’t look like it’s warm! nail central Unexpectedly, the snowflake nails are not as simple and simple as the ones in mind, but there are many different combinations and designs, what are you waiting for? Come and choose your sister!It’s not just that fashion has N items, it’s fashionable for a week, and nails are like that. If you don’t believe us, you can show it to you. As long as you have collected the following nail polishes and tools, you can play at least 7 different nail art patterns as you like. The girl asked the proprietress, where is the base oil produced? The proprietress said with a hand: “I don’t know, every week there are people who come to sell it, the price is very cheap.” In the “carving”, the proprietress actually took out a box of acrylic paint for painting, directly in Apply the nail surface. The girl raised an objection, and the proprietress said with a serious face that the manicure is using this. If you don’t understand, don’t take the command. nail central If you make a patch or French manicure, there is still a problem of “unloading”. The various unloading syrups used by hawkers also make people “stunned”. After soaking them with the nail remover for a period of time, softening the patches, and cleaning them, the customers’ fingernails tend to become black and become very thin and brittle. Even the ruggedness takes a long time to grow slowly. With the eyes warming up, the footsteps of spring are getting closer and closer. Even if there is a cold current, it seems that there is no snow. nail central I have not seen the snow that I have been expecting in my heart. This winter is always incomplete! Similar to the gold series, it is also a silvery snow on the white background. But compared to the gold ring finger full gold design, the silver is the same as the five fingers. There are big and small pieces of snowflakes scattered around your fingertips. It’s hard to be dazzling! nail central A broken diamond distributed at the fingertips, flashing like a starlight at night. The pattern of the snowflake is also exquisite, and the quiet and elegant painter can feel the meticulousness of the manicurist in minutes. Compared with the previous blingbling, it is more elegant, pure transparent bottom and white snowflake. In fact, when I saw this manicure, I thought that Barbie imagined Princess Princess, who wore a long white dress and danced. The second red-opening manicure is a bit more complicated, but it is also more visually pleasing. Not only the red bottom but the red white is gradual in a ratio of 3:1, and then white snowflakes are added, which is very rich in design and visual score: perfect score!